Volume 2: Absolute Collision

She's my wife
the one I took for life
Married for some years in October
We set off on a honeymoon
pink champagne or was it Boone's?
The cheapest shit I know
but it worked for her

So we set off for the Coast
with a kiss and a toast
and a wish that things
would always be the same

The first years they were fine
'cause she started with the wine
and she had herself a drink
for all seasons
But as time passed her by
for no reason she would cry
and she started puttin' 'em back
for no reason

Of whiskey she would boast
Fight hang-overs with dry toast
and the wife I knew
would never be the same

Have you seen Loraine
falling down again?
'cause she's drinkin'
and she's drinkin'
to avoid the same

The same life she's always knew
day in, day out, day through
'cause she never gave herself
that chance to change

It was all down-hill from there
I got an ulcer and gray hair
and most nights I'd wait
for any information
She would quit and start again
hide that bottle, call a friend
and she finally left me standing
at the station

I never wanted it to be true
but the divorce finally went through
and I wondered how
I could have helped Loraine

Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Mike Brady: Banjo
Jeff Tranberry: Bass, Vocal
Scott Berndt: Traps

Words and Music ©1997 Accident Clearinghouse