Volume 2: Absolute Collision
You Are A Sweet Rose

Your western style dress
looks good on you
But I'll tell you what
you look pretty good too
all by yourself
Your hair up in tails
looks pretty cute
But I'll tell you the truth
when it's down
it never fails to seduce me

Who holds the line?
If I tell you every
secret I have
could we go
to the Sweet Land?
I'm hopin' by night
that you'll fulfill
every dream that I have
Cigarettes taste sweeter
in your hand

Your guitar fingers
touch my skin
Can't stop the shakin'
I feel my life begin again
You are a sweet rose
I'll be forever true
You're the one that
I've dreamed of
I dreamt of loving you
and I do

Mike Brady: Arch-Top, Vocal
Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Jeff Tranberry: Bass
Scott Berndt: Traps

Words and Music ©1997 Accident Clearinghouse