Volume 2: Absolute Collision
Trash-Talkin' Mama

She's the sweetest little girl
that you'd ever meet
'til you give her four wheels
that are on the street

She's my Trash-Talkin' Mama
but Lord she sounds good to me

Somebody cuts her off
she yells, "Son of a Bitch!
I'm gonna run your ass
into the ditch!"

Now I don't know what she's got
but that cool car of hers
makes her tongue real hot
She's got the Devil's tongue with an angel's mouth on the top

And she's the kind of girl
that was made for me to love her
Sweet pretty face
and a mouth like a trucker
She gets behind that wheel
and she gets so randy
She gets behind that wheel and... Oh, Daddy!

I get in the car
she whispers in my ear
she says, "Go on, Dad
it's your turn to steer"

If you see her comin'
you best plug your ears
'cause she'll swear so bad
make your ear-drums bleed

Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Mike Brady: Arch-Top
Jeff Tranberry: Bass
Scott Berndt: Traps

Words and Music©1997 Accident Clearinghouse