Volume 2: Absolute Collision
I Sold My Soul

Feelin' kind of strapped for cash
I had no one that I could ask
'til a stranger came along
and introduced himself to me
He said, "I go by many names
but 'Satan' is my claim to fame
and I can help you out financially"

Because I sold my soul
for a million-dollar bill
and ever since then
my life's been all down-hill
I said he loves to
do bad things for me and you
How the hell will I get back my soul?

I started wishin' for many things
dishwashers and diamond rings
some leather pants and a color T.V.
A sports-car with a turbo-jet
a whirlpool that gets real wet
and a mail-order bride
you know, just for me
But just like that things all went bad
my sports-car had a major crash
and behind the wheel
was my mail-order bride
My leather pants they split the crotch
my diamond ring was stole by cops
and my dishwasher started runnin'
with my baby inside

I went to town to see the priest
to see if I could beat the Beast
He said a deal made was a deal done
And havin' just one last resort
I took the Devil to the court
it seems I hadn't signed in blood

Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Mike Brady: Arch-Top, Vocal
Jeff Tranberry: Bass, Vocal
Kevin Riach: Drums
Tim Armstrong: Washboard, Vocal

Words and Music ©1997 Accident Clearinghouse