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Released 10/2000

Long Way From Lovin' CD Cover

A Long Way From Lovin' - Single - OBTCD005


A Long Way From Lovin'



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Ol' Jack Malone


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Album Notes:

This was our first "single" that we sent to radio stations a month in advance to promote "Written In Rope." We included an exclusive track, "Ol' Jack Malone," to make it a collectors item.

"Ol' Jack Malone" was actually written before Volume I, was recorded many times, but never really found a home. We always kind of liked the tune and recorded a new version during what we call the "Written In Rope" sessions.

Only about a hundred of these singles exist.

Guests include child prodigy Danny Hochalter on fiddle, vocal appearances by Chris Larsen & Doug Trail Johnson of The House Of Mercy Band, and Doug plays mandolin.

The single cover was done by Mike, touched up by Friberg Design, and the band photos were taken by our friend Derek Till.