In Heaven There Is No Beer

Dedicated to the memory of Bill Kralick

Well, they say it will be great
when we see those Pearly Gates
But, brother, have I got news for you
There ain't no beer around
up in Heaven Town
Don't want to but I know that it's true

And that is why I'm sittin' here drinkin' all this beer
I'll drink and drink and drink and drink some more
And that is why I'm sippin' nine, sometimes two at a time
cuz in Heaven there is no beer

Well, even at my age
I've got friends in the grave
and them no stranger to the glass
So each one I put down
is for one in the ground
My friends that are pushin' up grass

And when I get to Heaven with my belly full
I'll do what I can to change the rule

But while I'm on this plane
I'll drink my liquid grain
Until my dieing gasp

Well, Gospel Truth is what I tell
and it sounds to me like Hell
but, brother, it is just that plain
For my friends up in the sky
I have a tear to cry
cuz, brother, I feel their pain

Q: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
M: Banjo, Vocal
J: Slap Bass, Vocal
K: Drums
R: Washboard, Vocal
RMM: Pedal-steel Guitar
David Zollo: 88 Keys
Eric Christopher: Fiddle

Words and Music ©1999 Accident Clearinghouse