H-E-L-L Bound

When I walk down the street, I spit on the tar
My fists start a'swingin' when I walk in that bar
I drive too fast with a bottle 'tween my knees
If you fall off a cliff I'm gonna laugh into the breeze

I'm going down, down, down (down, down, down)
I'm going down, down, down
I'm H-E-L-L bound

When I make you a promise, gonna keep my fingers crossed
When I walk into work, I don't listen to my boss
I act like a monkey when I make sweet love
If I see you on crutches gonna give you a shove

When I meet Ol' Scratch, I'm gonna shake him by the hand
He'll say, "Welcome home, boy, welcome to your promised land"
I'm gonna kick him in the teeth and a'sock him in the eye
He'll say, "Boy, what you're doin' gonna make me cry, cry, cry!"

I'm going down, down, down
I'm H-E-L-L bound

Q: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
M: Electric Guitar, Vocal
J: Bass Fiddle, Vocal
K: Drums
R: Washboard, Vocal

Words and Music ©1998 Accident Clearinghouse