Lonely, Broken-Hearted Fools

You're all about the broken heart
and guys who cry alone
sittin' alone in an empty bar
with a bottle they can call home

They are your lonely, broken-hearted fools
Playing a part that was wrote by you

You're all about that second chance
and things that can go wrong
Never one to step to bat
you struck-out all along

In life there are no losers
only games

You're all about the dead-bolt door
and stayin' locked inside
Always the first one to give up
so you can run and cry

You're all about stayin' locked inside
with walls that can talk back
Write it all down in a song
but always lose the track

Q: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
M: Electric Guitar, Vocal
J: Acoustic Bass
K: Drums
R: Washboard, Vocal
RMM: Pedal-steel Guitar

Words and Music ©1999 Accident Clearinghouse