Cannibal Man

Cannibal, Cannibal Man

He looks just like your neighbor
but he is not the same
For the things he does to his neighbors
are cruelly inhumane
He'll invite them over for dinner
invite them kind of late
But instead of servin' them dinner
he is servin' them on a plate
Cannibal, Cannibal Man

He'll eat your liver with some fava beans
and a fine chianti
But if he's servin' finer guests
you know it's chardonay

Cannibal, Cannibal, Cannibal Man
he'll eat your leg like a leg of lamb
Cannibal, Cannibal, Cannibal Guy
he looks just like you or I
Cannibal, Cannibal Man

He likes to go out hunting
but not for normal game
For the things that he is hunting
have kind of different names
Like Billy, Jack, or Karen
Kim, or Steven, too
So watch out when you're huntin'
cuz he might be hunting you
Cannibal, Cannibal Man

He likes the taste of human flesh
melting on his tongue
Especially the skin of little kids
and the innocence they've done
He'll eat your brain and eye-balls
large intestines, too
He'll dress you like a turkey
or he'll serve you in a stew

Cannibal, Cannibal Man

Q: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
M: Electric Guitar, Vocal
J: Upright Bass, Vocal
K: Drums
R: Washboard, Vocal
Cletus Moon: Vocal
Jim LaRocque: Theremin
Steve Clarke: Saxophone
Buck Nelson: Trombone

Theremin generously lent by the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Words and Music ©1999 Accident Clearinghouse