Griddle-Cake Joey

Now I went down 'long Chickasaw way
I found my Granny sittin' in the hay
She was sittin' there and sittin' there and sittin' there all day
She says, "I'm waitin' for Griddle-Cake Joey"

He's Griddle-Cake Joey

Now Griddle-Cake Joey, the flap-jack eatin' king
from Tupelo to Kentucky and everywheres in between
When I first met him he was on stack six
Maple syrup a'flowin' and of course a side of grits
So I asked him his secret, how does he pack 'em down?
He says, "I butter my finger and then I go to town"
And my Granny was a'slappin' on her knee
just a'rootin' and a'tootin' for Griddle-Cake Joey

Q: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
M: Banjo, Vocal
J: Dog-house Bass, Vocal
R: Washboard, Vocal
Rayfus Moon: Jug
Smilin' Hoss Moon: Spoons
Emil Moon: Wash-tub Bass
Eric Christopher: Fiddle

Words and Music ©1999 Accident Clearinghouse