In The Woods

Stamp the last ember out
Leave me in the woods to die
And as your foot-prints fill up
with December snow, I'll lie

Tryin' to live with myself
Start all over again
Make my way out to the hi-way and I'll
start all over again

Hitch a ride to your house
Kiss you and apologize
Tell you that it's all right
and then more that makes you cry

Victim of my silly words, you
start all over again
Don't believe my silly words; it'll
start all over again
and again

And if I can't make you happy
and I don't want to try
maybe it's time you left me
out in the woods to die

M: Electric Guitar, Vocal
Q: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
J: Stand-up Bass
K: Drums
R: Washboard

Words and Music ©1999 Accident Clearinghouse