On The Nature Of Things

Every time I wish it's for the same thing
Not riches, not fame, not girls
Cuz fame only lasts you fifteen minutes
and there's enough rich folks in the world

All I really long for is contentment
Not happiness, not love, nor inner-peace
Cuz happiness can be found in a bottle
and tranquility is learned in the Far East

Every time I blow out a candle
Every time I wish on a shooting star
Every time the numbers on my clock line up
I wish for contentment in my heart

So one fine morning when I wake up
I hope it's waiting for me just outside my door
My friends they all told me to be careful
I've been careful what I've been wishing for

Q: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
M: Banjo, Vocal
J: Big Bass
K: Drums
R: Washboard, Vocal
RMM: Pedal-steel Guitar
David Zollo: Piano
Steve Clarke: Saxophone
Buck Nelson: Trombone
Jay Mote: Trumpet

Words and Music ©1999 Accident Clearinghouse