That Man Of Mine

Sweep the floor, take out the trash
Lock the door, got floors to wax
Here he comes, he’s right on time
That man of mine

Stack the chairs, he’s pitching in
He’s always there, works smiling
He’s quite a man, helps all the time
That man of mine

And everybody said that they saw him
And no one said that he looked like a nice man
They all said he came around a lot, maybe too much
For Leeann

But that smile is fading
I need some time alone
But he comes too often
Is someone in my home?

Fall to the floor, knife in the trash
Crawl towards the door, slip on the wax
There he goes for the last time
That man of mine
There he goes, sinks the third time
That man of mine

Q: vocals, acoustic guitar
M: electric guitar, vocals
J: bass

Words and Music ©2002 Accident Clearinghouse