Firecracker Fling

When the honeymoon is over
a lot of folks will bail
and leave their lovers, alone on a dark trail
Cuz it's hard to keep the fireworks
of love exploding
and easier to set off firecracker flings

Well there'll be nights
when it just seems like
the spark of the romance fizzle
but breakin' that trust
and actin' on lust
won't make that old steak sizzle

Every couple goes through trouble
it ain't just you and yours
and foolin' around
all over town
will lead to slammin' doors

Oh, they burn bright
but only for a night
and they go bang, bang, bang
wreckin' everything

M: vocals, electric guitar,
Q: acoustic guitar, vocals
J: bass
Matt Marohl: pedal steel

Words and Music ©2002 Accident Clearinghouse