Volume I: Saginaw Sweetheart
Calendar Year

And he's waiting there on that island
and those are tears he's crying
for a wife he can't reach
cause salvation is half concentration
and three-fourths perspiration
and her name is Penelope

He knows there's no hoping to reach through the air
and to find that his hand
has landed on something bare

So now he's singing somewhat untimely
"Hook, line, and tie me to the counter of the bar"
But while he's sinking into his drinking
he's dreaming and thinking about riding in his car

He's driving and driving
to find the end of the road
even though he's not sure
that's somewhere he wants to go

There's no use in complaining
he knows the reasons why
Fate is a fickle mistress
and now she's passing him by

They say Jesus looks after drunks and babies
so he's thinking maybe He'll come and find me here
But while he's sinking into his drinking
the Savior is thinking "Buy that man a beer"

Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Mike Brady: Banjo
Jeff Tranberry: Bass
Dan Gerber: Washboard

Words and Music ©1996 Accident Clearinghouse