Volume I: Saginaw Sweetheart
First Dance

Sitting in the sun I want to
smell you, want to smell you
but it's cold outside
and I don't have gasoline
You are far away
in a place where it's warm
Sure we've never met
but I know our love is real

Don't lead me on
because I get hurt easy

Panties 'round your knees is how
I see you, how I see you
I've got no clothes
to call my own so with you I'm always bare
is that a physical condition
or just a state of mind?
I don't know, I'm not sure
and with you I don't care

I trust in you
please trust in me
I can see the future
please take that first dance with me

I'm scared
please take my hand
give me a chance
give me that first dance

Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Mike Brady: Mandolin
Jeff Tranberry: Bass
Dan Gerber: Washboard

Words and Music ©1996 Accident Clearinghouse