Volume I: Saginaw Sweetheart
I Got Friends

It's a hard life but I drink...
I'd feel all right
if I could just learn to play solos
and I got friends
who say that we'll be rock-stars
if we can just wait awhile

And I know it'll be a long time

And Jeff was there
the day that Dave's dad died
and he was with me
when Christina dumped me

And I know that it's just bad luck

I've got friends
who say life's not picturesque
if you're not dressed for it

And I got friends
who say that they'll stick by me
and they're still here
watching my color TV
and that sweater
is still in the corner
from that party
two months ago

Q: Guitar, Vocal
M: Bass, Vocal
J: Banjo
D: Washboard

Words and Music ©1996 Accident Clearinghouse