Volume I: Saginaw Sweetheart
OK, My Love

You say there is no reason
for what passes through my brain
I say it's just the season
and something to do with rain
Then I say, "Just ignore me
cause I'm a little messed up"
and you say, "OK, my love"

You say life's not exciting
but I say I disagree
cause I did a little experiment
and I let life happen to me
And you know: nothing happened
responsibility fell on me
And you say, "OK, well, we'll see"

You say there's no right season
to get married in
I say for some strange reason
I've always kind of liked the Spring
So you say we should wait
until we're married before we screw
I say OK, darling, it's all up to you
Then you say, "Just ignore me
cause I'm a little messed up"
And I say, "OK, my love"

Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Mike Brady: Arch-top
Jeff Tranberry: Bass
Dan Gerber: Washboard

Words and Music ©1996 Accident Clearinghouse