Volume I: Saginaw Sweetheart
I Wanna Forget That You Were Mine

And now it seems that in my room
the walls have faded
to a shade of gloom
I don't know how
this could be true
I thought that time had made
a ghost of you

And I have grieved now
for two months time
the last time this happened
it was more like nine
I don't want to hurt again for that
long length of time
I just want to forget
that you were mine

I thought that dreams
would mean escape
but they hurt just as bad
as wide awake
Because you are there
holding him
and while I die
you just sit there and grin

Quillan Roe: Guitar, Vocal
Mike Brady: Bass
Jeff Tranberry: Arch-Top
Dan Gerber: Tide Bottle

Words and Music ©1996 Accident Clearinghouse