Website Updates:


We'll be on KFAI 90.3FM (Minneapolis) and 106.7FM (Saint Paul) "Good & Country" with host Ken Hippler, this Saturday from 2-3pm.

November 15th at the Turf Club is our last show until February - next year. We play with a great band from Chicago - Dolly Varden.


We'll be on Radio K this week to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.

Come out to Heartbreak & Harmony. Friday October 17th! With our friends, The Ashtray Hearts and Ol' Yeller.

It's been a really busy summer outside of AC for us. We're going to play a flurry of shows before taking a break for most of the winter. The traditional New Year's Eve show at the Turf is off this year. Instead, come down to the Turf Club November 15th, and party like it's 2004.


It was close, but AC walked away witha giant check for FREE Grain Belt Premium Beer.

Added a few more shows this summer. We'll be playing shows at the Turf Club in September and November.

"First Prize Killers" have released a new album that is really good.

We've tracked down the reel-to-reel tapes for "Song of Summer" and are going to be mixing and putting the finishing touches on it this spring.


Accident Clearinghouse was interviewed by a Dutch music mag Ctrl. Alt. Country. (SeeTriooje...)

"That's The Way It Had To Go" is #1 on the charts at Radio K.

I added 3 new albums available in our store from our friend Erik Douglas Tasa.


Added two new press reviews for Full Moon Night.

Added a couple of new links.

We will probably play a show in March with the Ashtray Hearts and hopefully a CD release in late summer. Check back for updates.

Raynaldo Moon is now a full-time member. More on this at a later date.

KQRS Homegrown Silage

Proceeds from the sale of Silage will be donated to MetroEast Program for Health who’s mission is "to reduce the number of people without access to health care services.

"Let Me In"


Thanks to everyone who came down to our New Year's Show. We had a blast.

I updated our appearances.

I've now included the lyrics on each of the album pages in the Music section. They're also on each of the QuickTime sample pages.


Full Moon Night is finished. Items will begin shipping 12/24/2002. We are very proud of this CD and hope that you will like it too.

I added audio samples of Full Moon Night for people to listen to.

Added a few more links.


Added final song order for "Full Moon Night."

The disc should be available next week. I'll add audio samples and the lyrics next week as well.

Added limited edition "Full Moon Night" promo CD to the store.

Added our appearance on Cities 97.


We finished mixing Full Moon Night. My friend Dan Brian arranged and recorded orchestration for "The Last Great Saturday."

Added sample sound files for solo projects under music. Also added Windows Media files. Added our appearance on KQRS Homegrown and the Silage Benefit CD.

Added PDF files for out-of-print CDs.

We now take credit cards for online CD purchases. We've had sales as far away as New York City and Japan!

Added some new links.