Volume 2: Absolute Collision
The One That Got Away

Lookin’ for romancin’
when I saw you dancin’
like a vision you were standing there
with your western shirt tied off at the waist
and a little dark flip at the end of your hair
Your hips they were wigglin’
the rest of you was jigglin’
but only in the very best way
Well, I know it’s not polite to stare
but I could not look away

When I finally worked up the nerve
to come and say, "Hi,"
you were standing with some jerk
who looked to me like he’s 14 feet high

But that didn’t stop me
although he might drop me
I knew I had to take a chance
I’d just bide my time and have a drink
and wait for that moment
to ask you to dance
When 3 hours go by
I’m feeling mighty high
my head is all afloat in beer
I looked around; your man was gone
I thought that I was in the clear

Your eyes said, "Hello..."
your whole body was talkin’
I thought I was so cool
if only I had seen
your boyfriend come walkin’

Well, I called you, "Baby,"
and you looked like maybe
to you that might be pleasin’
but then my head went, "Pop!"
and I was dropped
by that ton of bricks that fell on my chin
When I finally came to--
my face all black and blue--
they said, "Her man has took her away"
Well, I shook my head and I said,
"Aw, shucks!" for the one that got away
Yeah, I spit out my teeth and I said,
"Aw, shucks!" for the one that got away

Q: vocals, acoustic guitar
M: electric guitar, vocals
J: big bass
RMM: pedal steel
Danny Hochalter: fiddle

Words and Music ©2000 Accident Clearinghouse