Volume 2: Absolute Collision
Rails Of Love

Clickety-clackin’ down those
Rails of Love
Tell that engineer,
"Hey, boy, go ring your bell"
while our hearts are pitty-pattin’
you can bet there’ll be romancin’
as we clickety-clack on down
these rails of Love

I’ve rode the rails a long time, dear
searchin’ for just the right girl
when the conductor punched your ticket
you set my brain in a whirl

Oh, life ain’t easy as a rail man
A broken heart in every town
From coast to coast,
oh, how I’ve suffered
but no more now you’re found
8 wheels drive my heart
1000 tons of rolling steel
and my heart beats like distant thunder
You stoke the coals that I might feel

Q: vocals, acoustic guitar
M: electric guitar, vocals
J: the steam engine
DH: fiddle

Words and Music ©2000 Accident Clearinghouse