Volume 2: Absolute Collision
I Just Need Some Love

Well, I s'pose I outta get a job someday
‘cause I ain't eaten
and I got no place to stay
but every time you hold me tight
I could go another night without a bite
I just need some love

Well, beggars can't be choosers
yeah, I know that's true
but if I had a choice,
you know I'd go with you
‘cause I'm poor and dirty and lazy, too
so, my Love, I beg of you:
don't treat me bad
I just need some love

I need a true friend
to get me through these times
‘cause there's just one end to my story
and it ain't a happy one
I just need some love

Well, you'd be surprised
what a little love could do
to a man like me
and to a woman like you
we'd go from bad to better fast
and, even if it doesn't last,
we took a chance
I just need some love

M: vocals, electric guitar
Q: acoustic guitar, vocals
J: cardboard box
RMM: pedal steel
DH: fiddle

Words and Music ©2000 Accident Clearinghouse