Music: The Accident Clearinghouse Discography

Released 8/1999

Elvis Tribute EP CD Cover

Elvis Tribute EP - A Benefit For ALS


That's All Right Mama



Windows Media


Trying To Get To You



I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine



Love Me


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Album Notes:

"Elvis Tribute EP - A Benefit For ALS" was recorded to raise money for the MN Chapter of the ALS Society. Rufus's father was diagnosed with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, during the Winter of 1997/1998. Rufus' father passed away two years later after a long and courageous battle with the disease.

Many of us remember that Elvis frequently donated money to charities throughout his life, and performed many benefits and fund raisers throughout his career (the most famous being his televised "Aloha from Hawaii" concert).

As an interesting side-bar, this was the only AC album reviewed by the local paper, the "Star Tribune," up to this point in our career. It got mediocre press response.

Accident Clearinghouse, in tribute to Elvis, will donate the proceeds of sales of this album to the MN Chapter of the ALS Society.